Monday, October 17, 2005

Backfiring bitch of a witch-hunt

Times Online

This link for today's Times suggests that the sex and drugs stories that so obsess the media may not quite have hit their mark where discrediting the conservative leadership contender David Cameron is concerned. I'm tempted to agree - the public are so used to seeing the glorification of shallow, barely controversial, evidence against public figures that they are beginning to take it in their stride. The big question is whether the Tory parliamentarians have the ability to connect with the public mood before deciding which two candidates should go forward for the final contest.

Cameron has everything to gain. His refusal to answer personal questions has given him credibility as a reasonably dignified diplomat whilst avoiding any polarisation amongst those who might vote for him. The whole witch-hunt has now given him the highest profile amongst the contenders and his demeanor is one that suggests the time is right for a political generation shift. The only thing we don't know is much more about the detail of his policies and when it comes to figureheads I onder who really cares. After all, Blair won the 1997 election against John Major by offering very little and saying "trust me, trust me, trust me!" Look where that got us!

I'm not a Tory voter but I'd love to see the final as a contest between Ken Clarke and Cameron. It would be a clear choice between effective opposition and a distinctive fresh start. Whichever the winner, I would hope they then work together to combat the wild, blind and deceitful arrogance of the current administration. Britain might even begin to feel like a democracy again.

Meanwhile, Blair is in trouble again. This time for pretending his anti-terror policies have the support of the intelligence service. See here.


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