Tuesday, May 17, 2005

When his webmistress sleeps

When the webmistress sleeps

This is the blog from my old friend Richard Neville and one of those reads I always look to foward to. Wish it was daily. Today's posting is all about Condi Rice in Iraq and I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Richard was the original editor of OZ magazine, a student rag in early sixties Australia that later became a psychedelic flagship in the UK. Notorious and most celebrated for the trial that brought some serious farce to the English courts. To read more about OZ check out www.richardneville.com for Australian stuff (and more of Richard's current writings) or my own archive here for UK archives.

Oz in the UK had close connections with the counterculture charity "Release", co-founded by Rufus Haris and Caroline Coon. Caroline was and still is an artist and you can see some of her wonderful paintings in a new gallery here. Best of the new batch is probably a depiction of Kosovo. She was also one of the speakers in Trafalgar Square - see entry two days ago.

One of the photographers on the spot in those heady days was Phil Franks. He too has a new portal here with photos, history and more.

Back in the 21st Century UK we're awaiting the Queen's speech to find out what Balir and his cronies intend to decree next. And is it a trend for all former home secretaries to try and re-invent themselves as "Mr Nice Guy". First Howard and now Blunkett. Someone really should tell them that the public or not totally devoid of memory. Today it's official, 62% of us want proportional representation. I doubt if we'll hear much of that in the speech.

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