Sunday, May 15, 2005

Grandma's Cannabis Education Drive

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I just encountered an extraordinary person and this is a link to her site. She was the surprise speaker at today's pot education rally at Trafalgar Square here in London. This particular granny has experienced more than her fair share of government sponsored pharmaceuticals, the side effects of which are far more serious than those attributed to marijuana. The lady and woken up to the fact and is making some highly articulate noise on the matter.

London was blessed with the perfect day for such an event - sunshine and warmth for the first time in ages. The square was full and wide variety of speakers turned up to talks about the law, medicine, horticulture and the wider uses of the hemp plant. Highlights included Release-founder Caroline Coon, the evr charming Mr Nice (Howards Marks) and jazz veteran George Melly. The day rounded off with a few acoustic musicians who had many on their feet and dancing.

A sucess all round, it was an opportune time for another rally and even the media appeared to give it some coverage this time. Special thanks are due to Andy Cornwall as ever for pulling it all together and making sure it went without a hitch.

As they say - no victim, no crime!

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