Thursday, May 26, 2005

Liberty: Human Rights mean thinking too

Liberty Human Rights
It's a late quickie today. The above link is for "Liberty" for no particular reason other than they deserve one.

The issue I wanted to comment on is not actually in the news today - but it's an unhealthy trend all over Amerika these days. Some months ago I posted a link to an article on "Bush's Parks" and the way a number of heritage landmarks had been re-signed with 'creationist' notices at odds with the traditional evolutionary explanation for their presence.

Now I'm not saying that Charles Darwin will forever remain the definitive authority on matters evolutionary, not that our knowledge of planetology and archeology will not subject to future revision, but this new insistence that everything in the world was created by divine decree is beginning to irritate me. In the last week alone I have come across endless small news articles from around the states where local government and schools in particular are trying to re-write history and religious chronology.

That a huge backward mass of middle-Amerika no longer seem to want to live in a secular state (despite it's constitution saying it must be one) suggests a manipulation of democracy to the extent of propaganda. The resulting narrow worldview is akin the its government dares criticise in regimes elsewhere.

What horrifies me most is the education aspect of this mind-control. Those reaching adulthood in a decade's time may do so without having learned any alternative viewpoints. They will be a mallable offspring of today's climate of fear.

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