Friday, May 27, 2005

Springing into Summer

Met Office: Weather and climate - South-east England

Having awaited forever for summer to arrive in London, it's now come with a vengence. I think today is the hottest for May in around 80 years. Thus, I can be forgiven for basking in it.

Actually, I'm not. The sudden shock has made me feel lazy and even a return to the great outdoors feels daunting right now. I also have one hell of a lot of revisional work to do on the website which is getting in the way of the usually automated progress of the day.

Global warning in this vincinity can for all practical purposes be interpreted as cooling. Melting ice, rising sea levels, arctic winds and a shift in the gulf stream currents have seen to that. The renewed government focus on developing wind power certainly makes sense now we're getting so much more of it and I've been intruiged to see some wonderful new designs being displayed, large and small, for town and country - even quiet and compact for your own personal rooftop. The improved aesthetic will do much to help change public opinion - they may even start a trend.

Signs are good for this holiday weekend at least. Now if only solar power were as reliable here as the wind, we might really get closer to target without compromising our so-called living standards. Now where's that moisturiser gone?


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