Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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  • ng, biorhythms and dreams.

    The psychophysical link leads to the maxim that “psyche matters.” Interaction between the genetic and behavioral levels is a two-way street. Genes and behavior are related in cybernetic loops of mind-body communication.
    There is evidence that “immediate-early genes (IEGs) function as mediators of information transduction between psychological experience, behavioral states, and gene expression. A wide range of behavioral state-related gene expression (from relaxation, hynosis and sleep to high arousal, performance, stress and trauma) culminate in the production of new proteins or homeostasis, physical and psychosocial adaptation.” (Rossi)
    Immediate-Early Genes (IEGs) are also fundamental in the regulation of REM-on, REM-off neurons, neuronal networks that are associated with REM sleep and dreaming. Deprivation of REM and dreaming creates its own phenomenology and pathologizes, which are naturally exploitable.

    Gordon Lawrence “discovered” a Social Dreaming Matrix at Tavistock in 1982. Dreams could be used to extract cultural knowledge and scientific ideas, illumine social situations, provided the Sphinx knowledge perspective was used, and not the classic Oedipal one.

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