Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Beatles: Rock Band - Video Review (HD)

The worlds leading music game meets the greatest band in history! Here is a video review of The Beatles: Rock Band.

The Beatles: Rock Band Information:
The Beatles: Rock Band is a music video game developed by Harmonix Music Systems, published by MTV Games and distributed by Electronic Arts. It is the third major console release in the Rock Band music video game series and, like other games in the series, it allows players to simulate the playing of rock music by using controllers shaped like musical instruments. The game consists of 45 songs by The Beatles spanning the band's career, along with virtual depictions of the band members performing the songs. Future downloadable content for the game will feature additional songs and full albums from The Beatles, such as the entirety of Abbey Road shortly after the game's release.
The Beatles: Rock Band has been highly praised by the press, being considered one of the best music video games to date. Due to both the wealth of information about the band present in the game and the means by which Harmonix has made the game more accessible to all players, reviewers expected The Beatles: Rock Band to spur new interest in the group and cross-generational appeal. The audio and visuals, particularly the Dreamscapes, were highlights of the game. However, many critics feel that the game would benefit from more songs, that experienced players will not find the game very challenging, and that the selected songs and the idealized history of the band would leave die-hard fans of The Beatles disappointed.

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