Saturday, March 24, 2007


My apologies for a less than active blog here of late. I'll be removing some of the weight shortly by aggregating a lot of the feeds at left to make a simpler interface and moving others into the annex. I'll then take the final step of upgrading to Blogger's new template system - hoping I don't lose too much on the way.

I am now using Twitter more heavily, so my current comments are in a box here. If you aren't twittering yourself yet, sign up - it is a fast and effective way of communicationing and posting at the the same. I've also spent much of the last week in Second Life - mostly to get fully used to its interface. Consensus is that within the next decade we will all be using 3D worlds for online navigation with the standard html browser becoming a secondary launch feature. Although I've been most distracted by the fun to be had there, my explorations have been primarily concerned with how to integrate my own presence there with the current network.

Sorting such stuff is my traditional focus, so I've not been commenting on current affairs so much except in Bloglines. I also send out a daily newsletter with hot links courtesy of "Furl" - email me if you want to be added to the list. The latest entries are continually updated in the box you'll find further down the page - about two posts ago.

However it pans out, Britain will be under a new political leadership soon and whether we recover or perpetrate the mess Blair has created remains to be seen. Equally, in the US, the Bush Regime continues its rampage in the face of a changed political climate. Even the media, its propaganda machine, seem to be coming out of denial about the real world. On both sides of the atlantic there is cause for hope, but also great uncertainty! Somehow, in the confusion, I feel less inspired to procrastinate of late too.


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