Sunday, March 04, 2007


Well, here I am am again with a short but proper post. There should have been some copy below the anti-war protest pictues but it went missing and earlier this week Google blocked me from accessing this blog because they thought it was being spammed or something. I logged in and they told me to wait a couple of days whilst a "human" check was made - they actually then cleared it within hours so no real complaints there. There's a list of the latest clicks.

Something I noticed yesterday was an announcement by the Blair Regime about the privatisation of the employment service. Then today it was announced that unemployed jobseekers will be given a government-approved haircut and "help" with purchasing a "suit" for interview purposes. To quote: "There will be an element of compulsion in this scheme"! With the government slowly collapsing, one wonders why they stil remain so obsessed with this totalitarian bullshit. It's not even of any real benefit - dress codes and haircuts mean very little in today's work environments.

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