Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gravity's Raindow Illustrated

Title Page

Today's link is for an artistic epic. Check it out or CLICK HERE to read a great review.

A quick plug for another artist, Caroline Coon, who together with barrister Amber Lane, has produced a new booklet under the "Cunst Art" imprint. Entitled "Calling Women Whores Lets Rapists Go Free" it is feminist examination of the degree to which the 'image' of the self-determined woman is still persistantly exploited to male advantage by the British legal system, especially in the cases of sexual offences. A recommended read, it isn't available online yet but copies can be ordered from for £5 (UK) a time.

London today has seen an invasion of naked cyclists. Sadly, the weather is doing them no favours. The exhibition however, is. No doubt the media will give them the coverage they want, but what's the betting the camera close-ups will focus on female anatomy. The usual indictment of those selfsame sexist attitudes the booklet describes. It doesn't help that the overlords of the legal system are probably just as influenced by the propaganda machine as the people at large. A change in attitude from the press and television is long overdue.


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