Monday, June 20, 2005

End of the Couch Potato News - UK - Tattie-bye to the 'couch potato'

My website has three parallel interfaces. One is for standard browsing and another is for a more an interactive experience. The third however is a link library for audio-visual material which is designed to emulate and provide future compatibility with the medium of television. Of times, I have advertised the latter as "a web for couch potatos". Although I don't strictly adhere to the official English dictionary it is preferable to the Amerikan bastardisation of the same that infests our computer systems and in this case is a wholly "acceptable" expression. So what's the link? Well, if this lot of timewasters have their way it won't be long before I'm prosecuted for discrimination against vegetables! Ain't life absurd?

After yesterday's plug for the Panorama programme I managed to miss most of it myself - using the ad breaks on another channel to glimpse what I could. If anyone saw the whole thing and fancies adding some comments, why not click on "post comment" below and provide some annotations for this column? Meanwhile, congratulations to Strathclyde police for advising shopkeepers on the sale of smoking paraphanalia by pointing them to the UK Cannabis Internet Activists site - an eminently sensible move. Meanwhile, Blunkett and Clarke are bickering with each other over the former's recent law changes and the latter's desire to reverse them. Let the battle commence and long may it last!

With Bono and other celebrities now personally heading the G8 march in Edinburgh I think we can assume even greater attendence. They won't all be autograph hunters of course - but the culture of association is a formidable force in itself. My favourite placard? "Make Poverty History - Make Government Prehistory!"


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