Saturday, June 25, 2005

Some of the now and some of the then

The Future this week

Twice in one day - are you not lucky?

This link is for Richard Neville's latest missive at his main site. It was updated a few days back but the link came through late. You can't beat Richard for a good read and this time we've got Hitler and Bush in one place - not too mention a picture of Laura Bush in her shower.

Richard, like most of the other original OZ magazine editors, never has much of a soft spot for the British monarchy, so his last paragraph must have been written with a certain irony. However, it is a piece of fine news that had somehow passed me by completely despite my interest in the person concerned.

Martin Sharp, one of the original psychedelic artists from the sixties London scene has been awarded the Order of Australia for services to Pop Art. The honour was made as part of the queen's birthday honours list, so arise Sir Martin!

His work can currently been seen in Britain at the Tate Gallery in Liverpool as part of a "Summer of Love" exhibition and there's a small tribute at my archive site too.


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