Friday, February 09, 2007

Down To Earth

Well, biz-god Richard Branson and eco-god (and hopefully US president-to-be) Al Gore descended on Kensington this morning amid much fanfare. They were here to annouce a competition whereby someone will get loads of loot if they can come up with a comprehensive idea for tackling climate change. Presumably it has be be workable and politically agreeable, so with so many ideas and opinions already on the table that could be a tall task indeed.

Must put the thinking cap on!

I've been working on setting up a couple of new networks and some production chores which means it's quiet here still for now. Look in "Bloglines" for the latest news feeds and links, or just explore my various options listed at left. At Bloglines there's a new RSS feed called "Masterlist" which combines many of my others into one - put it in your own reader for speed. Latest items from the same are also in The Annex sidebar under the name "Newshound".


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