Friday, December 08, 2006

Stern Rebuke

Climate change author quits Treasury after Brown freezes him out

Last months report by Sir Nicholas Stern was the wake-up call both the government and industry needed with regard to the mechanics and implications of climate change. One would have thought the media coverage and the compelling nightmarish revelations would have been more evident in The Gorgon's budget proposals, but no such luck. As a result, in an ultimate snub, Stern has today announced he's quitting his job.

Talking of reports, across the Atlantic we have the Iraq Study Group proclaiming the reality of disaster. Whilst encouraging that incoming defense secretary Gates has effectively admitted Amerika is losing the battle, one sees little chance of any real shift whilst the Imperial Ape remains enthroned. Baker and many other so-called thinkers of a new approach all have vested interests in oil and associated companies - their less-publicised suggestions for the accelerated privatisation of Iraq's energy industry is actually an enhanced imperial agenda by way of corporate proxies. Given that this is the core source of resentment over Amerikan meddling in the Middle East, its continued promotion will probably just lead to more defeat for and agression against the occupying forces.

Others, in Iraq itself, have suggested that withdrawing troops from the country will actually better empower the local government to sort out the mess. The reason? Without the presence of imperial troops, Al Qaeda fighters will have no purpose in participating and fermenting the "insurgency". Their departure to other battlefields would thus offer Iraq itself a far better chance of bringing its civil war and partisan conflicts under control. Were Amerikan/Israeli corporate interests to maintain a presence, no doubt accompanied by "private" armies for protection, Al Qaeda and its ilk would still have very good reason to stay the course.

The Preacher himself took out a further overdraft on his carbon credits by jetting himself over to partake in the Baker report ceremonies. Whatver happened behind the scenes, the big press conference was a gloomy affairs indeed, brightened only by the BBC's political editor getting a chance to take Bush to task personally. The spectacle was largely one of two fading players intent on going down fighting. The difference is legacy - Blair desparately wants one whilst Bush couldn't give a shit" In the latter case, money in the bank is all and even that is held in non-dollar currency.

Much is now made of the need to help Palestine avoid obliteration from its Zionist occupiers but neither Bush or Blair have the wherewithall or reputation do do anything about the situation. One hint of change did come from the aforemention incoming Gates who effectively conceded that Amerika acknowledged Israel as a nuclear power. No real revelation in itself, the telling part is in Amerika's previous denial of that status - not to mention Israel's own! Acknowledgement will now make it diplomatically very difficult for Amerika to veto any action the UN authorise to remedy the illegality of such atomic development.

This is especially to the point if the international community wish to censure Iran, North Korea and others for developing a nuclear facility. Sadly, one leads by example and both Blair and Bush seem intent on opposing the non-proliferation treaties for their own purposes. Hardly the way to endear themselves to others for whom their decrees reek of hypocrisy.


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