Sunday, August 07, 2005

RIP: Robin Cook

Robin Cook dies at age 59

I was sad to learn of the death (at only 59) of the former foreign secretary Robin Cook yesterday. For those who have forgotten, he was a major voice against Britain's participation in the Iraq invasion and resigned from office over the affair. A distinguished statesman, he was always both highly intelligent and down to earth in his approach to politics and will be sorely missed. This link goes, appropriately, to a tribute in the Scotsman.

As Blair prepares to deport himself to a vacation location, we can be fairly certain he will return to these shores in due course. Such luxury will not be extended to others who may now be kicked out of the country for holding equally extreme views as the fundamental christianity to which he himself subscribes. A little more education, coupled with freedom of opportunity and expression, will do more to ease growing cultural polarisation than the new draconian measures which will force the forces of dissent even further underground.

On the optimistic side, maybe an extended holiday will help Blair relax long enough to extract himself from the Bush coupling and listen to the more common sense views of his wife. But that's probably wishful thinking.


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