Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lord Levy of the Favour Levies

Honours scandal reaches door of Downing Street

Shit flies - if you'll excuse the language. Britain is agahst as the Prime Preacher's personal walking cashpoint machine, Lord Levy, gets arrested in a continuation of the long-bubbling "loans for peerages" and related scandals. Bailed yesterday, but called back by the police detectives today, the labour fundraiser and Bliar confidant is struggling to explain visible cash trails, missing documents and mysterious office fires resulting in more missing documents. Everyone smells a rat!

The buck, of course, stops not with Levy but with the Downing Street incumbant himself. Following simple progressive logic it seems that the Dear Leader (UK-stylee) himself could face arrest. Not for war crimes, not for treason, nor even for actual fraud! If not corruption it becomes ever more clear that Bliar's agenda has been self-serving, self-obsessed and seriously self-centred. Both government and party accountability have been sacrificed at the alter of power and greed. A career supposedly devoted to public service has insidiously morphed into one of corporate subservience and dictatorship.

I'm betting he's gone before the party conference, along with his swaggering deputy. There will still be a legacy of sorts - one of international crime, administrative corruption and betrayal of the his people's interests. The era of "cowboys" belongs in the past and that's where we should bury the current pretenders.


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