Monday, July 24, 2006

Condi - Off her ass at last!

Rice Makes Surprise Visit To Beirut

But to what avail?

Somewhat earlier than predicted, Condi Rice has stirred and ventured in the direction of the Middle East. She's just landed in Beirut and will move on to Israel later. Hope she doesn't get shot down during the hop!

It seems Israel has agreed to some kind of multinational force taking over in the border regions - provided they are willing to fight if necessary. An odd provision for the idea of peace-keeping. Bush and Blair remain steadfastly opposed to partaking in any such adventure - more than likely because neither actually have any available troops left with which to contribute. They are, after all, entangled otherwise elsewhere.

One is tempted to believe that movements by Condi and the British foreign office are more designed to offset comment by the increasingly critical mainstream media. In all this so-called "diplomacy" there has been no mention of any kind of timetable to stop the Israeli slaughter of innocents. It feels like more a case of who's available to move in to mediate after the Zionist war-mongers have finished their destruction.

In the UK, the government has finally abandoned the CSA as an unrecoverable project. In Amerika, government sources confrim war with Iran will take place this year.

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Ms. Condoleezza Rice the secretary of state for the most powerful country in the world. She is without doubt one of the brightest, most talented women on the planet earth, who just happens to be black. Her ancestors were brought to the United States as slaves, when Arab Muslim Slave harvesters that captured and destroyed their ancestral villages and sold the blacks slave cargo to white Christian slave ship owners on West coast of Africa. Semite Arab Muslims conquered Black lands and sold blacks to white Christians and took over the black lands of Mediterranean North Africa and Africa South of Sahara. East European and Russian Jews immigrants to USA similarly sidelined Black leadership of the Democratic Party especially in New York.
(2) Jewish lobby led by Kissinger-Albright-Clinton conspiring to sabotage the Bush Administration’s wise policy of petro-imperialism in Iran, by playing the wild Israeli card in diplomacy. Jewish lobby is very unhappy that black woman Secretary Condoleezza Rice like her predecessor Secretary Colin Powell has replaced Ashkenazim foreign policy put into place by secretaries Kissinger, Brzezinski and Albright that purposely sidelined pro-WASP American national interests to promote the hidden agenda of pro-Papacy Judeo-Christian religious right conservative conspiracy.
(3) Geopolitical Doctrine of Secretary Rice states that the national interests of the United States should be defined to promote the civilization interests of Reformed Christianity and American civilization and economic interests of the Yankee petro-colonialism. The Christian religious right conservative conspiracy and President Jimmy Carter installed Ayatollah Khomeini and ultra-conservative theocracy in Iran replacing modern secular Pahlevi Monarchy. The Kissinger-Albright-Clinton conspiracy seeks to sabotage Yankee invasions of Iran to perpetuate the Theocracy in Iran.
(4) The artificial states of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan were created by British and American secret services on grounds of religion simply to control the Islamic world and the oil reserves of the Arabian Peninsula and Iran. Israel is important for Protestant USA not because it is Jewish State, but because it crucial for Yankee domination of Middle Eastern oil and gas reserves for Yankee Petro-Colonialism. It means that Israel must not do anything that might jeopardize the geopolitical interests of Yankee Petro-Colonialism. In the event Israel becomes a liability for Yankee petro-colonialism than the White House should not mind throwing the baby Israel along with the towel to the wolves.
(5) If Israeli invasions of Lebanon were a Yankee ploy to tempt Iran to invade Israel to justify Yankee invasions of Iran for establishing petro-colonial empire in Iran, then this Israeli invasion of Lebanon makes sense and American must support it as a diplomacy of deception. However, if Israeli invasion of Lebanon are part of an Ashkenazim Kissinger-Albright Conspiracy to discredit black woman secretary of state Dr. Condoleezza Rice then the White House should use the Big Stick to keep Israel in line.
(6) It is deplorable that Israel’s Lebanese attacks causing diversion to Yankee war on Islamic terrorism and war on Iranian theocracy and war on Islamic nukes. It was plain stupid on the part of Israel to vacate Southern Lebanon after decades of Israeli occupation in 2002, when the United States had declared war on Islamic terrorism after September 11, 2001 attacks, and it might have been part of a Kissinger-Albright plot to undermine Bush’s wars for petro-colonialism and war on Islamic terrorism.
(7) Christian enemies of the United States had published Prophets Cartoon to sabotage earlier sanctions on Iran. The Israeli actions in Lebanon are simply part of a conspiracy hatched by Jewish insiders and Kissinger-Albright group to discredit black woman Secretary Rice. No one can accuse blacks born of slaves to have any extra-territorial loyalties or loyalty to any foreign potentate or any foreign nation. It stands to reason that the geopolitical assessment of Secretary Rice regarding national interests of the United States are more profound and more logical than the rival assessment of US national interests defined by former secretaries Kissinger, Brzezinski and Albright.
(8) Former speaker professor Newt Gingrich wisely declared that World War Three has started. The goal of every world power in the World War Three shall be to invade, occupy and colonize leading OPEC oil and gas producers. The World War Three is not a war among world powers, but a war waged by world powers to invade and colonize OPEC oil producers. The Israeli attacks on secular liberal Lebanon threatens the implicit agreement among top world powers to bring leading OPEC nations under the colonial occupation of the world powers in the first quarter of the 21st Century. The purpose of the World War Three is to Partition OPEC nations into spheres of influence of colonial empires led by Six world powers, namely, USA, India, China, Russia, European Union and Japan. The 21st Century shall resemble the colonial 19th Century because of the fight for the oil and gas reserves. United States must invade neither secular liberal Lebanon nor secular liberal Syria, as it would be a foolish diversion from Yankee war on Islamic terrorism and war for petro-colonialism. Israel is important only so long as it helps create sustain and establish Yankee petro-colonial empire in the Middle East.
(9) It is in the national of interest of the United States during second Bush administration, when the United States enjoyed the unchallenged hegemony and military preponderance as the sole super power. Any delay in the start of the World War Three, beyond 2008 would only harm the national interests of the United States. The Allied Powers led by United States, India and Britain guaranteed to win the World War Three.
(10) The World War Three shall be fought for Middle East Oil. Had Hitler attacked Syria and Iraq instead of Libya and Africa or had invaded Iran after the conquest of Stalingrad rather than Moscow, Hitler might have won the World War II.
Diplomat Kalki Gaur