Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Second Life

If you follow MY ANNEX you will know I am heavily involved with Second Life and metaverse development. Many of you still find downloading and entering such virtual worlds rather daunting, so this is the best place to show this - a guide to using Second Life from its creators, Linden Labs.

Second Life Quickstart Guide Second Life Quickstart Guide Torley Introducing the Second Life Quickstart Guide"Avatar?""Inventory?"Teleporting?""What's going on in this place?""How am I supposed to do anything?"Are these questions you've heard, or thought of asking yourself once? The world of Second Life can be incredibly confusing for someone logging into the Viewer for the very first time. Fortunately, the Second Life Quickstart Guide is now here to help first-time Residents get oriented and comfortable with some of the most common tasks! The Quickstart Guide includes things like: * Overviews of the viewer interface * Information on camera controls * Instructions for voice chat setup * Recommendations on how to find things that interest you * A printable appendix of frequently-used keyboard shortcutsYou can download it yourself from here, but everyone, including first-time Residents, should expect to see links in plenty of convenient places from now on. In a few weeks, this should also include first-time Residents who speak German, Japanese, and French!

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