Saturday, June 24, 2006

Apedom Squawking

Cheney Assails Press on Report on Bank Data

With Bush over in Hungary, it is of course Cheney that's leading the noise. With the ape emporer still trying to wriggle his way out of the phone-tap spying scandals, it is no surprise that the Amerikan government went cock-a-hoop trying to stop the latest one from breaking. Thanks to the New York Times it did - now it's plastered over the entire media and the attempt at a cover-up is causing as much consternation amongst the people as the revelations themselves.

The money and the damage done? Maybe Amerika was unhappy when its citizens learned their privacy was compromised by communications monitoring, but an awful lot of them seemed to assume Bush's insistence on "necessity" was something they could live with. After all - if you are not engaged in anything suspicious, it's unlikely to affect you. Is it? But government interference with your relationship with the great god, money - now that's another thing entirely. Greed and financial hoarding is the sole ethic under which the Amerikan machinary works and the average joe, whilst he doesn't object too particularly to your eavesdropping on his backward opinions, does not take too well to having his private "business" exposed. Namely - the bank accounts.

It gets worse of course. This latest spying tactic has not only been in effect since shortly after 911, but has targeted the international banking system itself. It is not just US residents that need to be concerned - it is everyone on the planet who buys into Amerika's style of capitalism or the world banking system itself. This is Bushland at it's lunatic best - kicking its own people and its allies in the ass!


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