Monday, May 08, 2006

Did Bush Force British Minister Out?, London Papers: Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's Iran Stance Prompted Angry Bush Call To Blair - CBS News

Did Bush Force British Minister Out?

Well, it seems like the hyperactive Condi-Jack affair is over, so no more fun and games there. The weekend saw speculation that the Ape Emporer himself may have order Straw's removal from office - seemingly proving once again that the Prime Preacher effectively squats at heel beside the Amerikan dictator. "He's the decider!" and Whitehall be damned! The full US perspective from CBS at the link above.

Talking of links, "latest clicks" and a bunch of other stuff have not been able to upload since Friday and the sever for my own sites (listed left) has been down. It's not just me - it's everyone on the server - so fingers crossed the mess gets cleared up quick. I may switch servers for "!The Daily Mal" later this week.

Some of the more interesting links not uploaded...

Apple computer have won their long battle with the Beatles' company of the same name, C-Span are trying to suppress all the copies of Colbert's attack on Bush from the web and there's new new live illustred version of Pink's "Dear Mr President" up.

Some hard evidence has finally emerged on Bush's illegal domestic spying and against other advice he has appointed a military man to head up the civilian CIA. Russia has accused the United Nations of war-mongering on Bush's behalf on Iran, whiulst the leader of that country has actually written a unprecendented letter with proposed solutions to the White (wash) House. Palestine's health and social service infrastructure is suffering from the financial blockade, but the EU is trying to open a channel for basic service funds to get in.

British troops are suffering the impact of Blair's terrible legacy. Already on the defensive against the Taliban in Afghanistan, they are now digging in to protect themselves from an uprising in Iraq's south.

On the home front, please read the "Legislative & Regulatory Reform Bill" and be scared - very scared! Then act by visited the Save Parliament website. As the Balirite ediface crumbles, there is no better time to makes voices heard. For a bit of history, the Independent looks at the Forgotten Suffragettes.

Meanwhile, Slate are discussing the best way to take medical marijuana and Rolling Stone looks at its early years in a 1000th issue celebration.

The "London Informer" made us "Blog of the Week" at the weekend, reproducing some political comment and plugs for both Neil Young and the Medical Pot Day on May 24th. My thanks.


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