Friday, January 13, 2006

Will Oil abandon the dollar?

The Story About Oil You Need to Hear

I've been going on about that worthless almighty dollar for some time and have just been sent this link above. It explains a lot in far plainer language than yours truely is prone to indulge, plus it gives a few new revelations on unreported Bush administration actions to hide the coming damage from public view. A must read.

In the house of big bothers, it seems George Galloway is going to regret his last career move. Forgetting the fuss about his being incommunicado and absent from both his constituants and the serious houe of debate, he has unwittingly played into the hands of those who would discredit him anyway.

I don;t care a damn about whther he wants to crawl around on all fours pretending to be a cat in an attempt to bring his political views to the masses - I'm more concerned that this behaviour will actually give cause for many to ridicule his views rather than the man himself. Labour's orchestrated campaign to discredit him in his absence is just the start of it.

The producer of the big brother programme has revealed what Galloway may not realise, especially has be was not exactly familiar with the situation he was getting into. Sure, he'll get a substantial fee for the "job" and considerably more in the unlikely event he wins. This keeps him in the house and stops him walking out deliberately to both ridicule and financial loss. The problem is he has no political platform here at all

It would be easy to discount those in the house with him as having no interest in politics, but he has tried to open conversions of interest. Unfortunately, we don;t get to hear them. Under UK law, any political comment made by him in the house has to be censored - yes, censored - simple because there is nobody else on hand to give "a fair and balanced" counterpoint. If indeed Galloway went in the place to promote his views, he clearly didn't bother to investigate the legal restraints that obviously defeat that object.

In isolation as he is, he probably still doesn't even know it yet either. More the fool. More the shame. Whether he is evicted tonight or somehow last a few weeks more, he is likely to be the butt of a thousand jokes in the real debtaing chamber for a considerable time to come.

Saddest of all is that with both Galloway and Charles Kennedy discredited, I can think of no strong anti-war spokesperson remaining sitting in the House of Commons. Whover wins the leadership election, I predict the Liberal Democrats will tone down on the issue in order the address the cventre ground. We'll see.