Sunday, January 15, 2006

The television that demanded rescue

TV receiver sparks £20,000 helicopter rescue

A rather extraordinary story is revealed at the link above. A Portsmouth resident's set-top box accidently sent a distress signal to an RAF base nearly 700 miles away in Scotland. The resulting mobilisation cost £20,000 to conduct. In the age of concerns about the spying habits of government, one has to ask exactly what technology in the box was capable of sending such a clearly "outbound" signal.

All the news today concerns the Amerikan imperial incursion into Pakistan. Not only is this country a supposed "ally" in Amerika's phantom wars, but it is so despite the opposition of a great majority of its people. The arrogance of this attack and the subsequent murder of 17 innocent villagers has now provoked nationwide protest and raises the prospect of further isolation for the Bush Oil theft projects.

If you haven't heard, it seems that George Galloway's fee for the big brother debacle will be going to a charity for the homeless in Palestine. Not wishing to be left out on the act, Bush has publicly declared the same charity to be a "terrorist organisation", thus giving Blair more ammunition with which to discredit and maybe penalise Galloway himself. Ever increasing circles in the realm of political juveniles.


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