Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pay-Per-View for Freedom of Information

UK news from The Times

... and get it if you're lucky!

Yes - no sooner have we British got the right to obtain information about ourselves and those who supposedly serve us, than the Blair Bitch Project decides to take the "free" out of "freedom" and to charge us for the privilage. Regardless, it seens, whether or not they even decide to impart the requested data to us or not. The reality of the situation is that the disenfranchised who are likely to need information access the most are the very people will will not be able to afford it.

Given that the beaurocrats already seen incapable of finding answers to comparitively simple questions, one also wonders about the value of the service anyway. Maybe those who can afford to access will find themselves paying good money for what in practice will be disinformation anyway. In an age where information can be stored in databases and the cost of retrieval is virtually non-existant, these plans are absurd.

The link leads to a report in The Times.


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