Thursday, January 26, 2006

No, Prime Minister!

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There is a junk-food dessert that it's advertisers used to describe as "heavenly". Maybe it's no surprise then that Tony Blair seems to have a fondness for "Instant-Whip" recipies where policy is concerned. The link above leads to a short report about some civil service e-mail leaks that suggest home secretary Charles Clarke is less than happy about accepting such hastily contrived decrees from number 10.

As Shami Chakrabati says in the closing paragraph ...

"This shows the intelligence agencies are not going to provide cover for a political decision and good for Charles Clarke because he can ee an illegality waiting to happen."

Which leads me to something I don't normally do - advocacy rather than comment. Channel 4 News are currently running their annual "Political Person of the Year" contest and as usual the public have nominated the obvious suspects based on media coverage. There is however, one shing light - Shami Chakrabati, the head of civil rights organisation "Liberty" who I've just quoted above. Please do her a favour by casting your vote for her. The link below will launch your email program with everything neatly filled in for you, so there's no excuse!

Do It Now. (Please don't vote more than once or they'll cancel your vote completely.)

Plus a comment on our whale here. Gone but not forgotten. It's also "Back To Reality" for Respect MP George Galloway as he leaves the "Big Brother" house to face the music in what may now become a "Big Bother" all round.

Following yesterday;s comments on the Palestine elections, it now appears that Hamas may have actually "won" the popular vote - which changes everything.


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