Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Journal of a Futurist

The Future this week

A double dose from Richard Neville. The link above leads to his first journal entry for the brand new year, "Singing the Song of those that feed you" illustrated with some fine artworks from the China exhibition currently at the V&A. There also also links there to revised versions of articles he's recently published elsewhere and his blog is newly updated too. All good reading.

This link to an article in Slate discusses blogs that have withdrawn their posting facilities after an onslaight on offensive postings. On a related front, I am increasingly pissed off here with postings from what seem to be a new incarnation of the dreaded "spammers". Basically, they post a sentence saying how much they like the blog (having quite obviously not actually having read it!) then paste in the usual unwanted advertising copy. If you find any of these in the comments section, please bear in mind they are nothing to do with me and can only be deleted when I get round to doing a full blog edit. This posting and picture posts are done "on-the-fly" live and added automatically - one of the beaties of the blogging system.

I use similar automation techniques for the "latest clicks" listing (see left for link) which explains why the order sometimes gets scrambled. They should be chronological, with my absolute latest links at the top. Enough of the tech ...

Here in the UK, today's Independent reports that police are now using "stop and search" powers given to them under the new anti-terror laws on around 100 people each day. In most cases, it seems, without due cause. See here.


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