Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hofmann at 100 and tripping toward reappraisal

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LSD - the chemical discovery that changed Psychiatry forever and influenced the perception of generations from the 1950s through the hippie era and beyond. Advocates like Tim Leary are well known, but its discoverer, Albert Hofmann, less so. Tomorrow Hofmann will be 100 years old and this link to the Independent gets in early with an excellent profile of the man.

In the 21st century world of propaganda, mind-control and thought manipulation, the world of medicine is increasingly geared to the supression of individuality and the sedation of independent thought. Anything that enhances the senses or encourages intellectual self-examination is strictly off limits in the robot society.

Hofmann didn't just discover LSD - he experienced its effects with a large accidental dose. It was the trip of a lifetime that now spans an entire century. Hardly what they call an acid casualty. As with most drugs, it is the user not the chemical itself that should be the focus. As this profile points out, the is now some serious reappraisal of LSD in the area of psychiatry and therapy - maybe the human quest for a degree of higher consciousness is not dead yet.


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