Sunday, January 22, 2006

Clandestine in Palestine

U.S. Funds Enter Fray In Palestinian Elections

A notable story in the link to Washington Post above. The ape emperor must be seriously doubting the wisdom of promoting the notion of democracy to achieve his ends, since elections in both Latin America and the Middle East are backfiring with a vengence as polls produce governments which do not quite suit Amerikan ideals.

Given that the root of so much international discontent lies with Israel's illegal occupation of its neighbouring territories, local pride (if nothing else) will ensure that an authentic election will produce a government intent on doing something about the state of affairs. The jewish state, like contemporary Amerika, seems to believe it has the divine right to take over anything it pleases - indeed, their policies are both interlinked. That Amerika is using underhand tactics in an attempt to engineer a situation that will result only in the "illusion" of a true democracy is symptomatic of their own desparation to implement a "hidden" agenda which is becoming rapidly all-too-visible. With luck, Palestinians will see through the subterfuge in making their choice at the ballot box.

Following my last blog on Friday, I went down to say hello to our whale. I've seen dolphins and all manner of sea creatures, but never a whale. It was an opportunity not to be missed. Sadly, it died around 7pm (UK time) last night. My own photos didn't really capture the spectacle. The subject moved far to fast to snap easily and I really needed a zoom lens. The memory will however remain with me.

Something rather disturbing was the media coverage of this. Four helicopters hovered above the scene with television cameras focused on the whale and the small flotilla of boats surrounding it. What I saw in the flesh and found completely absent in the news coverage, was the constant traffic of huge barges lugging containers up and down the river, seemingly oblivious to these events. The noise and water disturbance they created can only have increased the stress levels of such a sensitive creature. The self-congratulation in the pitch of the media reports was contrived - the crowds were not nearly a vast as implied (I had more than enough space to myself on the riverback beside the whale) and there was clearly no will to disrupt the usual industrial activities to better ensure the creature's welfare. More sad than heartening in my view.

Also in the UK, news has broken about the DNA database of "juveniles" - previously held without their knowledge and regardless of whether they have been involved in criminal activities. This may not be direct "surveillance" but a simple excercise in maths reveals the danger. The teenage generation in question will soon be adults and suceeded by a new generation of teenagers who will be recorded in a similar manner. Within the span of a few decades, intimate details of almost all the active population will be on an information network held by a civilian police force. Everywhere we go, virtually anything we do, we leave traces of our DNA behind us. It can be transmitted by touch. Criminals on the database can be identified almost immediately - but so can anyone else who may have excercised their freedom of movement in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Permission for this activity has not passed through parliament and legislated for. Nor should be be.


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