Saturday, January 14, 2006

Asolute control for an absolute ass

Bush could seize absolute control of U.S. government

It may be called "domestic" policy but the guy in charge is not exactly what civilised people would call a domesticated beast. The above link discusses how the ape emporer could impose martial law in his precious homeland itself - even to the extent of employing mercenary troops to do so.

One of the more edifying facts about Bush's aspirations for world domination has been the blatent lack of manpower available for the quest. The imperial military machine may be capable of slaughtering 100s, 1000s or even millions of our fellow men and women, but it is relient on a level of detachment that leaves it ill-equipped to cope with the aftermath or, indeed, any real affairs on the ground. The majority of Amerikans may be apathetic to the huge changes that surround them, but in equally apathetic fashion there is no rush to sign up for the presidential cause - or should I say, follies. Although military recruiters are falling over themselves trying to seduce those in high school and other sources of young blood (emphasis on "blood" and blood to be spilt), a direct return of the draft has so far been avioded - probably because it would signal a level of desparation that might just trigger the kind of social unrest experienced in the 1960s.

There is of course some degree of fallback to the massive corporate conglomerates. Mercenaries can be found through the likes of Blackwater (see link article) and others could be hijacked to serve the war machine by virtue of harnessing existing employees of those companies. Like monetary collapse, that would preserve the illusion for a while, but at the end of the day would become transparent. Abroad, Bush could resort to using nuclear weapons - at home this is hardly an option. That the administration cannot cope with natural disasters or all manner of human concerns on the ground may be its greatest failing. Like so much of commerce and industry in the modern world, it is so dependent on its technological tools that it has forgotten that the art, crafts and skills of people themselves are still essential to the workings of the machine.

In the UK, it seems the Respect party leader, George Galloway, will remain incommunicado for at least another week. One can't help but wonder whether the mindless mass of big brother voters deliberately chose to keep him in the house in order to perpetrate and enjoy the shit flying around outside it. Miow!


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