Thursday, December 22, 2005

Consolidation of Big Brother

Transport to Surveillance

This link leads to the Independent's headline article and suggests yet another reason for giving up those cardon-spewing four-wheeled affrontations to planetary respect. Drive one and you become another statistic in that mother of population control - the state database. Exactly why the snoops of Whitehall can't employ such technology to ensure the health and welfare of tax-paying citizens is another question. If the police, welfare, benefits and social service agencies talked to each other and shared information to the same extent as these proposals, maybe the big brother mentality could be vindicated by giving us a society free of child neglect, domestic abuse and the violence of dis-enfrachisement.

At least we can now link two trains of thought. To protect your civil liberties you will have to abandon use of private motor vehicles. Take to foot or bike, even trains and buses - anything that doesn't involve an individual license-plate or purchase of petrolium. We should not be subscribing to a surveillance agenda, we should insist on living as free individuals. Maybe then, those we elect to do so will finally start shaping a social structure that adapts to our needs rather than their own. We are not pawns - we should be demanding the "service" of politicians in the same way we demand that of jurors in the administration of law.

Also, a great new toon today from Mark Fiore - as always.


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