Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hi-jack of the United Nations

Ambassador Bolton - New York Times

When emporer Bush finally appointed the human bulldozer John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations yesterday, it was done sneakily amid great reservations from Democrats and Republicans alike. Surely this is final proof that Bush is simply following his own warped agenda without consideration for the greater elected government. This link to the New York Times tells more.

Recent reports have indicated that the UN is falling apart. I don't mean the organisation (although there is certainly an arguement about that too) but the building. Essentially - it's just too old to function. The New York Times also reports that the Bush strategy to reshape the UN has been going on behind the scenes for months - working well ahead of yesterday's official appointment. This doesn't bode well for the institution, remaining as it does, headquartered on Amerikan territory. This must severely affect its impartiality and freedom.

Now is the time for the UN itself to re-shape its own destiny. Moving its operations to neutral ground would help a lot. With the growing power of India and China and the need to co-operate with the Arab league, surely there is still an unused island somewhere that can have geographical proximity to the cultues of both east and west. One day it will probably need its own international space station, but if it is to survive the coming decades with its global respect intact, a revision of the security council membership and a wholly independent viewpoint is essential.


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