Monday, July 04, 2005

The America I Love

The Future this week

Third link of the day is an update for Independence Day (US stylee) at Richard Neville's site. No mention of Australia's reaction to Live8 but something's obviously inspired the author to launch into something approaching protest "song".

Watching the latest news from Scotland, it seems the disturbances are returning after the earlier lull. I now find myself beginning to wonder whether we will actually see Gordon Brown and other big-wigs on the streets at all. What - with all those riotous anarchists around? The number eleven cyber-womb must sound a lot more comfortable right now.

Having seen Jon Snow's report from Africa tonight, there is another aspect to the great equation discussed earlier today. As China increasingly encourages its corporations to expand into the multi-national arena, Africa is at least becoming an attractive investment for someone. They produce goods (often locally) that the natives can actually afford and are more than willing trade fairly for energy resources they desparately need. It will be the supreme irony if China quietly manages to achieve some of the economic resurgance the G8 can presently only procrastinate upon.

But it's late and the mind wanders.


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