Wednesday, May 25, 2005

On global mOILbilisation

I guess this will be headline news today unless some diversionary headline appears later. Our western obsession with oil supply, in an era where our own territorial resources are becoming rapidly depleted, has frequently been alleged to be the real reason for recent excursions into Afghanistan, Iraq and others. Now we finally see the fruits of the first of several corporate projects that have been conducted with total disregard for the environment, local cultures and national boundaries.

This pipeline will indeed change the world, but it's story is one of greed. It will probably serve its purpose for a few decades more, but its legacy will be one of rape and pillage of the planet. Maintaining its future security may well be the cause of further war and strife, so if today is marketing as a cause for celebration - think twice!

The latest show from "In These Times" starts with a fascinating interview with graphic novelist, Marjane Satrapi. She discusses her art, the new book "Embrioderies" and the true nature of women in her home country, Iran. Not to mention Amerika. 15 minutes to absorb you.

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